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Note: All published material contains an informatory data which is only gathered for educational purpose. These guesses are prepared after detailed analysis of past five years exams. Our entire team and/or publishers are not responsible in case of variation in assumed results and outcomes. However the purposes of attempted efforts are to provide accurate and effective knowledge to the readers, in any case our entire team and/or publishers will not be responsible for the accuracy or misusage of all published material.

Physics Long Questions Guess Paper 9th Class 2014

  • A 50kg man moved 25 steps up in 20 seconds. Find his power each step is 16cm high
  • A car starts from rest. Its velocity becomes 20 ms-1 in 8 s. Find its acceleration
  • A car weighing 12 KM has speed of 20ms. Find its kinetic energy
  • A chocolate wrapper is 6.7 cm long and 5.4 cm wide. Calculate its area up to reasonable number of significant figures.
  • A communication satellite is launched at 42000 km above Earth. Find it orbital speed.
  • A container has 2.5 liters of water at 20°C. How much heat is required to boil the water?
  • A man is pulling a trolley on a horizontal road with a force of 200 Newton making 30° with the road. Find horizontal and vertical components of its force
  • A man pulls a block with a force of 300 N through 50 m in 60 s. Find the power used him to pull the block.
  • A screw gauge has 50 divisions on its circular scale. The pitch of the screw gauge is 0.5mm. What is its least count?
  • A wooden cube of sides 10cm each has been dipped completely in water. Calculate the up thrust of water acting on it
  • As soon as the hot solid is put in the cold water, it reaches the maximum temperature quickly. Give a reason for this.
  • At what attitude the value of g would become one fourth than to the surface of the earth?
  • Calculate the power of pump which can lift 200 kg of water through a height of 6m in 10 seconds.
  • Convert 50°C on Celsius scale into Fahrenheit temperature scale
  • Define and explain latent heat of fusion
  • Define and explain Newton’s second law of motion.
  • Define centripetal force
  • Define momentum. Mathematically prove the relation between force and momentum
  • Define rate of flow of heat Derive the relation for thermal conductivity of a solid
  • Define rotator motion. Give examples
  • Define specific, heat. How would you find the specific, heat of a solid?
  • Define the specific heat capacity
  • Define translator motion. Also state its three types
  • Derive the first equation of motion for uniformly accelerated rectilinear motion
  • Describe an experiment to find the centre of gravity of an irregular shaped thin lamina
  • Describe how a vector quantity is represented? Explain with examples
  • Describe some practical applications force in our daily life
  • Describe the importance of in daily life
  • Describe the processes involved to produce energy from fossil fuels
  • Determine the mass of using Newton’s law of gravitation
  • Determine the orbital speed of artificial satellites
  • Explain briefly the motion of freely falling bodies?
  • Explain green house effect
  • Explain the changes in weather due to the variation in atmosphere pressure
  • Explain the working of Hydraulic press
  • Find the acceleration from speed-time graph shown in figure
  • Find the density of the above object by using spring balance and compare the result with that you have already found by physical balance
  • Find the latent heat of fusion of ice with the help, of simple experiment
  • Find the magnitude and direction of a force whose x- component is 12N and y-component is 5N
  • Find the perpendicular components of a force of 50N making an angle of 30° with x-axis
  • How can a hot air balloon carrying a lot of load rise in the air?
  • How can the mass of Earth be determined?
  • How can you find the high temperature of a metal piece of known mass and known specific heat by the method of mixture?
  • How can you find the value c unknown weight by using the above apparatus and the graph you have drawn?
  • How convention current in air forms land and sea breezes and also help in gliding of gliders and birds?
  • How different sources of energy are harmful to environment also explain to prevent these hazards?
  • How many are the types of motion Explain
  • How many scales of temperature are Unique there in use?
  • How many types of thermal volume expansion are? Explain
  • How much heat is required to increase the temperature of 0.5 kg off water from 10°C to 65°C?
  • How much ice will melt by 50000 J of heat? Latent heat of fusion office=336000 Jkg-1 (150g)
  • How various surfaces can be comparing by a Leslie cube? Explain it.
  • How would you find the specific heat of solid?
  • If the same amount of heat is transferred to an equal mass of water and lead metal which substance will be hotter?
  • Normal human body temperature I 98.6`F. Convert into Celsius and Kelvin scale
  • On what factors emission and absorption of radiation depends
  • On which principle Hydraulic press works? Explain the working of Hydraulic press.
  • State and demonstrate Pascal’s law
  • State and explain Archimedes Principle
  • State and explain law of conservation of momentum
  • State and explain Resolution of Forces in its rectangular components
  • State and explain the secure condition for equilibrium
  • State Archimedes Principle. Derive its mathematical relation
  • The density of air is 1.3Kgm-3.Find the mass of air in a room measuring 8m x 5m x 4m.
  • What are the consequences and applications of radiation?
  • What are the factors on which rate of flow of heat depends?
  • What do you know about young’s modules? How would you determine young’s modules of an object?
  • What effect is expected if in instead of single cup, double cups (one into the other) are used and if the cup is covered by a lid of Styrofoam as well?
  • What is a greenhouse? How does the temperature in a greenhouse can be maintained? How Green house effect is produced in nature
  • What is a screw gauge? Give its construction and working.
  • What is a stop watch? Write its types and give least count of each of them? Describe the method of use of stop watch
  • What is centrifugal force? Explain
  • What is kinetic molecular model of matter?
  • What is meant by scientific notation? Explain with examples
  • What is mercury barometer? Describe its construction and working
  • What is plasma? How it from is formed? Give some examples?
  • What is the difference between scalar and vector quantities?
  • What is the importance of large specific heat capacity of water?
  • What is thermal conductivity? On what factors rate of flow of heat depends upon? Explain.
  • Why is polystyrene cup used in this experiment instead of a metallic calorimeter?
  • Write a note on meter rule
  • Write kinetic molecular model for solids, liquids and gases
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Latest Important Questions for 2015 Click Above Note: All published material contains an informatory data which is only gathered for educational purpose. These guesses are prepared after detailed analysis of past five years exams. Our entire team and/or publishers are not responsible in case of variation in assumed results and…

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