Principles of Commerce Long Questions Guess Paper 11th Class 2015


Principles of Commerce Long Questions Guess Paper 11th Class 2015

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Important Question Principles of Commerce

  • Describe the Objectives of Business.
  • Discuss the importance of commerce for a developing country like Pakistan
  • What is meant by sole trader-ship? State its features
  • Give suggestions to promote the business of sole proprietor
  • Explain the features of partnership Or What are the characteristics of a partnership?
  • Define partnership and describe its demerits Or State the advantages of partnership
  • What is meant by partnership deed? State its important points
  • What are the rules which will apply automatically in the absence of partnership deed?
  • Explain the various kinds of partnership business and the partners
  • Write a short note on different kinds of partners in partnership
  • How to register a partnership firm
  • What are the reasons to dissolve partnership? Explain in detail.
  • Write feature of Joint Stock Company / formation of Joint Stock Company
  • Describe the process of formation of Joint Stock Company Or Explain the formation phases of Joint Stock Company Or How a Joint Stock Company can b formed?
  • Explain the important points of Articles of Association
  • Define retrial trade. Also explain its features and merits and demerits
  • Explain the duties and services of retailer
  • Write the important duties of wholesaler
  • Define the wholesaler and gives his characteristics
  • Explain the procedure to export the goods
  • Write the advantages of international trade
  • Write down the importance of business letter and its important parts (characteristics) Or Write down the reasons for writing complaint letter
  • Define co-operative society and discuss its characteristics
  • What factors for starting of a business are kept in mind?
  • Define filing system and discuss its features Or write the comparison of horizontal and vertical filing system
  • Define insurance and state it’s important
  • Describe the objectives and benefits of insurance.
  • Describe the features of sole proprietorship. Explain them in detail
  • What is meant by office? Write properties of a good office
  • Describe the advantages of home trade
  • Describe the importance of business finance
  • Explain the import and export procedure of foreign trade
  • Discuss the personal and professional qualities of a good businessman
  • Which factors are taken in the selection of a suitable mode of transport? / Describe the various types of transport.
  • Explain prospectus and its major contents


Merits and Demerits

  • Write merits and demerits of sole proprietor ship
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of partnership / partnership firm
  • Explain advantages and disadvantages of foreign trade
  • State the merits and demerits of co-operative society
  • Discuss in detail the procedure of exporting goods
  • Write an application for the post of an Accountant


Difference Between

  • Differentiate between Memorandum of Association and Article of Association of Company
  • Write points of difference between a business and official letter
  • Distinguish between partnership and sole proprietorship business
  • Difference between public and private limited company
  • What is meant by filling system? Explain its advantages
  • Compare life, fire and marine insurance
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