B.Com Notes

B.Com Notes

Introduction to Computing Notes for B.Com
English Comprehension Notes for B.Com
Financial Accounting Notes for B.Com
Business Mathematics & Statistics Notes for B.Com
Pakistan Studies Notes for B.Com
Islamic Studies Notes for B.Com
Fundamentals of Auditing Notes for B.Com
Business Finance Notes for B.Com
Business and Technical English Writing Notes for B.Com
Introduction To Business Notes for B.Com
Statistics and Probability Notes for B.Com
Microeconomics Notes for B.Com
Communication Skills Notes for B.Com
Financial Accounting II Notes for B.Com
Cost & Management Accounting Notes for B.Com
Money & Banking Notes for B.Com
Principles of Management Notes for B.Com
Business & Labor Law Notes for B.Com


  1. I need the same notes of Islamic studies of virtual university but in Urdu and as soon as possible, could it be provided to me please, “Taleem – e – Pakistan “, either reply or do something for it.

  2. b.com notes

  3. can u provide me business and industrial law notes in Urdu? (According to syllabus of Karachi University)

  4. Muhammad umar rafiq

    Miss mujy iTo B and MBF or eceonomics k notes chahiy

  5. Muhammad umar rafiq

    Miss mujy introduction to business and money banking and finance and economics k notes chahiy

  6. Mine b.com part 2 k humainiteis and social science k notes chahiyen plz…

  7. Any body Need any kind of help contact me

  8. plz advanced accounting ke notes chahy topic difference between right issued & bonus issue

  9. Math k notes virtual uni nd punjb uni same hain..?

  10. Is it all for Bcom IT or Associate Bcom ? I saw the notes of “Introduction to computing” . it doesn’t seems for Bcom .
    Plus I select Punjab University but why notes are coming related to Virtual University ?

  11. I am bba honour student and i want business related notes

  12. dear taleem e pakistan,
    yahan E.O.P ke notes nhi hain please provide karen. zaroori chaye thy

  13. It’s very very nice for b.com
    Study student I proude them which provide leaning material.

  14. Thank u so much. It is very easy and helpful material 🙂

  15. i want notes of business taxation…… plz give me…. i shall be very thankx full… 🙂

  16. boss, all this work that you guys have done…notes and papers and what not…its a life saver yr…seriously…a very big thanks to this website….

  17. gys mujhe auditing or economics of pakistan k notes chaye

  18. thanks a lot for sharing. i am also working on auditing notes

  19. pakeeza khan qadri

    i want to notes and important question of business taxation

  20. muje banking andfiance k notes send kar den plz


  22. notes of economics of Pakistan about economic planning and merits and demerits of foreign assistance

  23. tax k notes please

  24. dear All thanks you v much this is v v v v v v good

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