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QuestionsCategory: Deeni Malumat (Islam)
کس وقت میں نماز پڑھنا منع ھے؟
AnsweredHafiz answered 3 weeks ago • 
177 views3 answers0 votes
کس انسان کو دیکھنا عبادت ھے؟
AnsweredNaseem answered 3 weeks ago • 
204 views1 answers0 votes
خلیفہ دوم کون تھے؟
AnsweredFahad answered 1 month ago • 
219 views3 answers0 votes
qayamat ka 1din kitne saal ka ho ga?
Answeredعون answered 2 months ago • 
101 views0 answers0 votes
کس آدمی کا کوٸی عمل قبول نھی ھوتا؟
Answeredسعید answered 2 months ago • 
100 views1 answers0 votes
قرآن شریف میں کتنی سورتیں ھیں؟
AnsweredNasreen answered 2 months ago • 
95 views0 answers0 votes
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