Solved Papers Request Form


Solved Papers Request Form

We are happy to announce that we have introduced our new Solved Papers Request Form. You can get the answer of any question from past exam papers by contacting our Solved Papers Request Form. You can submit only one subject request with Maximum 10 questions at a time. All new requests will not process until your previous request will be resolved.

How to submit description box?

Step 1:

Course Name i.e. BA/BSc/FA/FSc etc.

Step 2:

Subject Name i.e. English/Math/Physics etc.

Step 3:

Year i.e. 1999, 2000 etc.

Step 4:

Question (s).

Note: We need all above mentioned information for each question if not from the same year and subject. (Course Name, Subject Name, Exam Year and question). Submit your request.

Processing time – 3 to 5 working days.

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    1. Sir I sent this solved papers request will you tell me from which website I get these papers…

    2. I have sent the request seven days ago but didn’t get the papers.

      Kindly send

      Thank you

    3. what if I submitted the wrong request???

    4. question mai kiya likhna hai ?

    5. Now i have send a request right now and waiting for a good result about a question of ii (Manufacturing Concern) at the current year 2016/17

    6. I have sent my former a dozen times but I haven’t got any solved questions

      • Because you requested was not according to instructions. Plz read the instructions before sending solved papers request. Thank You

    7. Hello! I just filled the request for a paper. How m uh time will it take???

    8. Rizwan Ahmed Awan

      Step 1:

      Course Name: FSc

      Step 2:

      Subject Name: Physics

      Step 3:

      Last 5 Years

      Step 4:

      Full Paper

    9. plzz sir mujy 5 year old sloved paper chaiya

    10. mujy computer ka solved paper chahiy

    11. I need solved past papers for physics,maths,chemistry,computer,urdu,islamiat,english for9 th class science group fbise

    12. sir ap mujy ics part 1 mathematics ky notes send kr skaty hy plz sir

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