Stamps of Gulf Countries

Stamps of Gulf Countries


Stamps of Gulf Countries Includes: 10th Scout Jamboree Qatar 1 Dirham 1969 Stamp, 10th Scout Jamboree Qatar 2 Dirham 1969 Stamp, 30th Anniversary Human Rights 1978 Stamp Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, 1989 150H, Algerie 0.80 1830 Stamp, Dhufar 1R 20B catagramma sorana colias caesonia, Dhufar Butterflies 2B Heliconius Cyrbia & Cymothoe Stamp, Dhufar Butterflies 10B Dercas Gobrias & Precis Octavia Stamp, Dhufar Butterflies 20B Arhopala C & Liphyra Brassolis Major, Dhufar Butterflies 30B Pakio Alexandrae & Callithea Saphhira Stamp, Dhufar Morpho Anaxibia 4B Anaea Panariste Stamp, Egypt 10p 1989 Stamp, Egypt 15p Stamp, International Literacy Day UAE 8th Sept 1977 Stamp, Iran 1 Riyal Stamp, Iran I.R 1985 Stamp 15th of Khordad 1342 (1963) The Commencement of the Islamic Movement, Islamic Republic of Iran 50 Riyal Stamp, Manama Dependency of Ajman Postage Stamp 1, Manama Dependency of Ajman Postage Stamps 1972, Republic of Iraq 50 Fils The Place of Conferences Stamp, Saudi Arabia 1975 4p Postage Faisal 1906-1975  Stamp, Saudi Arabia K.S.A 65 H. Stamp, Saudi Arabia K.S.A 1987 50 H. Stamp, Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya The Green Book Stamp, State of Qatar Postage 2.80 Riyal 1982 30th Anniversary of Arab Postal Union, Union Du Maghreb Arabe 2 Anniversary Republique Tunisienne Stamp.

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