Stamps of USA

Stamps of USA


Stamps of USA Includes: 29c Flag Over Mount Rushmore Stamp, 1979 10c 1980 Summer Olympic Games, 1982 13c Kitten and Puppy Stamp, 2000 33c Youth Team Sports Stamp, Circus 5c United States Stamp, Edna St. Vincent Millay American Poet USA 18c Stamp, John Hanson President Continental Congress USA 20c Stamp, John Paul Jones US Bicentennial 15 Cent Stamp, Liberty for All 15 Cent Airmail Stamp, Lightning Whelk and New England Neptune USA 22c Stamps, Lincoln 4c US Stamp, Of the People by the People for the People 25c US Stamp, Pharmacy 8c United States Stamp, Philip Mazzei Patriot Remembered 40c Stamp, Samuel P. Langley Aviation Pioneer Airmail 45c US Stamp, Season’s Greetings USA 1981 Stamp, Statue of Liberty USA 15c Stamp, US Airmail 31c Stamp.


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