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What is meant by subscribed capital?

What is meant by subscribed capital? That portion of the authorized capital which has been underwritten by the stockholders Or The individual subscribed share value and liability of the total share capital of a company. In detail: Par value of that part of the authorized share capital which has been issued (sold) as shares-whether their purchasers (shareholders) have paid for …

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What do you mean by issued capital?

What do you mean by issued capital? The share capital that has been issued to shareholders. This is part of a company’s authorised capital (the maximum amount of capital a company can issue under its articles of association). The part that has not been issued is called unissued capital. Source: http://lexicon.ft.com/Term?term=issued-capital Or Issued capital is the value of the shares …

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Define sales return book

Define sales return book Sales returns book is also called returns inwards book. It is used for recording goods returned to us by our customers. The ruling of this book is exactly as for sales day book. Source: http://www.accounting4management.com/sales_returns_book.htm Or Definition: A sales return is merchandise sent back by a buyer to the seller, usually for one of the following …

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