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Principles of Management Notes

Principles of Management Notes Click on your required topic: Historical overview of Management Management and Managers Managerial Roles in Organizations Managerial Functions i.e. POLCA Managerial Levels and Skills Management Ideas: Yesterday and Today Classical View of Management (Scientific and Bureaucratic) Administrative View of Management Behavioral Theories of Management Quantitative, Contemporary and Emerging Views of Management  System’s View of Management and …

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Define Book Keeping

Define Book Keeping Bookkeeping involves organizing and managing all business transactions in a company. Source: http://www.e-conomic.co.uk/accountingsystem/glossary/bookkeeping Or The systematic recording of a company’s financial transactions. The two most common bookkeeping methods are single-entry and double-entry. Source: http://www.investorwords.com/541/bookkeeping.html#ixzz2XFhMvYcP Or Bookkeeping is an indispensable subset of accounting. Bookkeeping refers to the process of accumulating, organizing, storing, and accessing the financial information base …

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