TEVTA Registered Institute List

TEVTA Registered Institute List

List of Registered Institutes

1. Name: Microsystem Institute of Technology
Address: The Mall Wah Cantt. (Near Barrier # 3)
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-440/2928 dated 13-5-04

2. Name: Al Karam School of Taxtile and Management Science
Address: 571-Gill Road Gujranwala
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-84/ dated 1-06-2004

3. Name: Al-Hira polytechnic Institute
Address: Sargodha Jauhrabad
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-81/03/5120 dated 21-5-2004

4. Name: Ali Institute of Modern Science & Technology
Address: 11/B Shakir Town DG Khan
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-74/4159 dated 22-4-2004

5. Name: Aligarh Higher Secondary School
Address: Gulberg III Lahore
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG dated 19-9-2003

6. Name: Allama Iqbal Polytechnic Institute
Address: Tufail Road Sahiwal
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-68/589 dated 14-1-2004

7. Name: Anjuman-e-Himayate Islam
Address: Multan Road Lahore
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-583/2069 dated 6-3-2004

8. Name: AQ khan Institute of Technology
Address: Mianwali
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-34/3241 dated 2-4-2003

9. Name: Bahawalnagar Polytechnic Institute
Address: 11-Y Model town Bahawalnagar
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-58/4491 dated 04-05-2004

10. Name: Bahawalpur Polytechnic Institute
Address: Baghdad Road Bahawalpur
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-407/4419 dated 29-04-2004

11. Name: Beacon House Informatics Computer Institute
Address: Gulberg II Lahore
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-17/2946 dated 19-3-2003

12. Name: Beaconhouse Informatics Computer Institute
Address: Gulberg III, Lahore
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-17/2946 dated 29-3-2003

13. Name: College of Information Technology
Address: Majeed Plaza Rawalpindi
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-71/1847 dated 25-2-2004

14. Name: Dr. AQ Khan Institute of Technology
Address: Mianwali
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-34/ dated 11-3-2004

15. Name: FACS College of Science and Technology
Address: Bosan Road Chungi # 9 Multan
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-76/5168 /059/ dated 25-5-2004

16. Name: Fauji Foundation Technical Training Centre
Address: Attock
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-581 dated 10-12-2003

17. Name: Fraternity International Organization
Address: Central Jail Lahore
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-47/5887 dated 9-7-2003

18. Name: Global Computer & Commerce College
Address: Chowk Noor Shah Kot Addu
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-630/973 dated 20-2-2003

19. Name: Gujrat College of Commerce
Address: Bhimber Road Gujrat
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-57/9920 dated 3-10-2003

20. Name: Hamza Fonudation Academy
Address: Johar Town Lahore
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-37/10388 dated 16-10-2003

21. Name: Hamza Foundation Academy
Address: Johar Town Lahore
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-37/10388 dated 16-10-2003

22. Name: Hira Polytechnic Institute
Address: Sargodha
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-75/1848 dated 25-2-2004

23. Name: Jhang Polytechnic Institute
Address: Civil Line Jhang
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-438/3752 dated 3-5-2003

24. Name: Kamra Polytechnic Institute
Address: Peshawar Road Kamra
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-510/2807 dated 10-3-2003

25. Name: Microsolution The College of Advance Information
Address: Jinnah Town Sadiqabad
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-56/10641 dated 23-10-2003

26. Name: Multan polytechnic Institute
Address: Masoom Shah Road Multan
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-21/306 dated 8-1-2004

27. Name: Nasheman Centre for Rehabilitation
Address: The Mall Wah Cantt
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-53/2003 dated 3-10-2003

28. Name: National College of Commerce & CS
Address: Burewal Distt Vehari
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-72/1559 dated 17-2-2004

29. Name: NICAAS Commerce College
Address: Rahim Yar Khan
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-55/10505 dated 20-10-2003

30. Name: Nishtar College of Commerce & IT
Address: Gulistan Colony Multan
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-60/10738 dated 28-10-03

31. Name: NK FACT
Address: Gulberg Lahore
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/AAR/11-466/5670dated 28-6-2003

32. Name: NK Fact Institute of Computer Sciences
Address: Model Town Lahore
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-460/5670 dated 28-6-2003

33. Name: Okara Polytechnic Institute
Address: GT Road Okara
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-13/4032 dated 21-4-2004

34. Name: Orient Collge of Commerce
Address: Habib Town Darya Khan Road Bhakkar
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-70/11660 dated 6-12-2003

35. Name: Oriental Institute of Technology
Address: GT Road Kharian
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-429/5122 dated 21-5-2004

36. Name: Pak Canadian Polytechnic Institute
Address: Dharam Pura Lahore
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-449/2070 dated 6-3-2004

37. Name: Pak polytechnic Institute
Address: Faisalabad Road Chiniot
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-65/1090 dated 26-1-2004

38. Name: Pak Technical Training Centre
Address: Moon Market Allama Iqbal town Lahore
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-57/1091 dated 26-1-2004

39. Name: Petroman Training Institute
Address: 44-A Main Bazar Satellite Town Sargodha
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-533/4929 dated 7-5-2004

40. Name: Prime College of Information Technology
Address: Jail Raod, Rahim Yar Khan
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG11-623/9226 dated 27-9-2003

41. Name: Punjab Polytechnic Institute
Address: Railway Station Lahore
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-536/1846 dated 25-2-2004

42. Name: ………………………
Address: Wapda Colony, Khanewal Road Multan
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-64/11501 dated 2-12-2003

43. Name: Qarshi Vocational Training Institute
Address: Narowal Road Muredke
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-78/1845 dated 25-2-2004

44. Name: Quaid-e-Azam Institute of Technology
Address: Khanewal
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-66/2456 dated 173–3-2004

45. Name: Rawalpindi Institute of Technology
Address: Friend Plaza, Ojri camp Murree Road Rawalpindi
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-126/6009 dated 16-6-2004

46. Name: Rawalpindi polytechnic Institute
Address: NE-273 Tippu Road Rawalpindi
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-134/3444 dated 14-4-2003

47. Name: ……………..
Address: Satellite Town Rawalpindi
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-52/10909 dated 3-11-2003

48. Name: Sadiqabad Polytechnic Institute
Address: KLP Road Sadiqabad
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-471/ 590 dated 15-1-2004

49. Name: Sahiwal Polyechnic Institute
Address: Ahbab Tower Sahiwal
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-61/4028 dated 21-4-2004

50. Name: Sargodha Polytechnic Institute
Address: 47-48A Civil Line Jauharabad
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-79/5121 dated 21-5-2004

51. Name: Science Institute of Technology
Address: DG Khan
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-377/2521 dated 19-3-2004

52. Name: Sharif Institute of Technology
Address: Raiwind Road Lahore
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-466/5862 dated 9-7-2003

53. Name: The National College
Address: Bosan Road Multan
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-346/162 dated 3-1-2004

54. Name: The National Polytechnic Institute
Address: 11/V Chungi # 5 Multan Road Burewala
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-69/5169 / 057/ dated 25-5-2004

55. Name: The Oxford Institute of Technology
Address: Gugasht Colony Multan
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-73/307 dated 8-1-2004

56. Name: The Professional College of Commerce & CS
Address: Depalpur
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-48/1600 dated 19-2-2004

57. Name: Unique Institute of Commerce & Comp. Science
Address: Sitara Chowk, Pasrur
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-63/1601 dated 19-2-2004

58. Name: Wah British Institute of Technology
Address: Taxila
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/ 1-58/588 dated 14-1-2004

59. Name: Wah Institute of Technology
Address: Wah Cantt
Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-16/10860 dated 20-10-2003


  1. jehan zeb hassan rana

    kindly guide about registration of newly computer college .

  2. jehan zeb hassan rana

    i want to register a computer college
    kindly guide me

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