Tips To Grow Strong Healthy Nails

Tips To Grow Strong Healthy Nails


  • Stop biting and picking your nails.
  • Always wear rubber gloves while cleaning
  • Go easy on the water
  • Weekly nail maintenance ensures long term health.
  • Slip into a pair of warm winter gloves before braving the cold.
  • Stay away from hazardous and harsh chemicals
  • Apply sunscreen before going under a UV or LED light.
  • Don’t forget to take your vitamins
  • Give your cuticles a much-needed massage.
  • Smooth away dryness with a moisturizing hand cream.
  • Keep a nail file handy for emergencies
  • Load up your meals with protein
  • Never use your nails as a tool
  • Base and top coats are manicure essentials
  • Nail strengtheners … they really do work
  • Swipe away that old nail polish

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