Top tips to get A Plus grade in O levels

Top tips to get A Plus grade in O levels


Are you preparing for O levels and expecting A+ grade? If yes, then start reading this guide. Undoubtedly, getting good grades in exams becomes a basic necessity for a student. However, it’s not easy for those who don’t concentrate on their studies in a proper way. Below, we will talk about a few tips to get A+ grade in O-levels.

Don’t miss any of your class

Well, you might think this was an evident one. However, I talk as a matter of fact, when I say that numerous students skip classes for one reason or an alternate. But, if you want to get A+ grade in your O level exams, then don’t miss any of your class.

  • Try to absorb whatever discussed by your teacher in the class. Regardless of the possibility that the teacher follows the course book material only, sitting in the classroom and listening to the lectures will help you assimilate the materials.
  • Another tip of getting A+ grade in O level is that make sure to participate in the class discussions. If you have any point in your mind, then don’t feel hesitant in sharing that with your class fellows and teacher. In this way, you will not only become confident but can also clear your ideas or thoughts.

Discipline is the key to get A+ Grade

Always remember, getting A+ grade in O level is not as easy as it seem. Therefore, discipline plays an imperative role in making you capable to get good grades. Whenever you sit to study, just forget about the rest of the world. Your main focus should be on your studies. In short, discipline is the first ladder towards A+ grade, so keep this thing in your mind.

Plan out each and everything

You can’t get A+ grade, until you don’t know how to plan each and everything. It is very important to plan or arrange your regular work for getting A+ grade in O level. Make a list of subjects; afterwards divide your time properly for every subject. In case, there is a subject that you think need more effort, then give extra time to that particular subject. Additionally, whenever you sit to study, keep a pencil or highlighter beside you, so that you can underline important points and incidents.

Your attention is very important

If you want to score A+ grade in O levels, then your attention/concentration is very important while studying. There are number of students who just waste their time in useless thoughts by opening notebooks in front of them. You can’t score good grades, until you don’t clear your concepts regarding topics.

Don’t feel frazzled

Another tip for getting A+ grade in O level is that doesn’t study, whenever you are feeling stressed. It is very important to study in a fresh mood. In case, you are getting confused in any topic, then leave that certain topic for a while and jump to another one. Getting stick with one topic will not only waste your time, but can also make you bored. Therefore, feel stress free during study time, so you can get your expected result in O levels.

Notes making is an essential step

Students who want to score A+ grade in O levels, they should know the importance of notes making. Whenever, you sit to study, try to make notes of important point on separate page or register from a particular topic. This will really help you on the time of exam. You can read those points on the last moment for an idea. Basically, these are some of innovative tips that one can follow to score A+ grade in O level.

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  2. my teacher is a horrible teacher and doesnt explain anything in the class, in fact it feels like sitting there is of no use, i am scared for my grade because whatever he says doesnt make sense and note making seems impossible. can anyone help me and tell me what should i do in this case because no one in my class is willing to help and i cant take any extra classes (academy etc) which means the school and that lame teacher is the only thing i can rely on…. i am honestly scared for my grade and have no idea what to do

  3. starting my olevel exams today. pray for me

  4. great!!!!! its very helpful to me……really thanks

  5. Good tips! However, there are a lot of grammar mistakes in this article that need to be corrected. Before posting an article I suggest asking a few others to read it and check it for basic grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes otherwise it gives a bad impression to the reader.

  6. It was very helpful thanks please pray for me

  7. i really liked your tips….. thanx

  8. your advice is good but not the best.

  9. i am very very impressed from these advice’s which u gave .

  10. your tips helping me much

  11. Thank you for the advice!My studies for O-level’s is so tough and lengthy and I am always stressing out,but after reading this it helped me calm down considerably.

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  15. i m also a student of o levels and i really like yur tips about o levels.
    the main thing which are really like is to plan first then is very important point.
    thanks fr advising us how to score A* in o levels

  16. I really got impressed these advice’s are truly amazing I am little bitt confused about the exam that how’z it going to pass i am shuffling as a private candidate ! and i am not awar off the examination idea so any body could suggest me the past papers and the syllabus of following three papers Urdu , islimate , Pakistan studies how the exam looks and what is the date for registratio ?

  17. I am also a student of olevels and i am very impressed from these advice’s which you gave and i will try my best.

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