Write a letter to your friend thanking for birthday gift

Write a letter to your friend thanking for birthday gift


Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for the birthday gift.

Replace friend from uncle and other little changing’s



420, Shadman, Lahore

July 10, 2013

My Dear Friend,

I hope that you are well by the grace of Allah. I received your letter the day before yesterday. I think that you will write to me thus from time to time. I was delighted very much to receive your present on my birthday. You gave me a book of Iqbal as a present. You know that my favorite poet is Iqbal. So, I became very delighted getting such kind of gift. Your gift will complete my thirst. I think that your present is not just a present; rather it is a symbol of your love for me.

No more today. Convey my best regard to your parents and love to the younger.


Yours ever


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  1. is it for 2 class students

  2. thanks for this it is very helpful for us

  3. Examination Hall,
    City A.B.C,
    February 27,2016
    Dear Friend,
    I got your letter.Many thanks for your kind gift of a watch on my birthday.This watch is very beautiful to look at.It keeps correct time.It will maje me regular.I shall keep it carefully.
    Salam to all at home.
    Your loving friend,

  4. letter pettern 2013

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